Discovering Local Producers at the Burghley Fine Food Fair


Sadly, I will never be slim and lithe, nor will I return to my nine-stone University days. But that’s ok. I’ve birthed an incredible human being. And let’s be honest, I just love food too much!

With this in mind, when my fellow foodie friend Charli over at Chazwinkles invited me to the Burghley Fine Food Fair, it would have taken a lot for me to say no. Like, maybe, a puncture? Just kidding, you know I’d walk!

It is an event that creates a buzz in the local community, with hundreds of cars pouring through the gates at Burghley. Fine food lovers looking to satisfy that rumbling stomach with a plethora of regional cuisine.


Which brings me nicely to a selection of my favourite food producers that were discovered on this most satisfying of days:

The Lotus Bakery – owned by the talented Emma Finden-Crofts, the Lotus Bakery creates hand-made cakes, confectionery and desserts. My personal favourite had to be the Vanilla Cinnamon Buns of which I wish I’d purchased at least half a dozen to take home and gorge myself on! Nevertheless, the one I shared with Charli was positively moreish with the perfect blend of spicy, sugary cinnamon and sweet chewy dough. Need your Lotus hit? They will be visiting Oundle, Oakham, Uppingham and many more local towns in the following months, simply click here to see their schedule.

The Gin Trailer – serving from a converted horse box, Gary Eldred & Simon Irwin not only make a mean G&T, but they were certainly a draw for the ladies too! Besides their obvious charm, they have quite the knowledge of gin. Stocking over 25 independent and artisan gins, they have perfected the art of pairing these with the perfect garnish to really highlight the botanicals in each offering. Hop on over here to see where you can catch them next.

The Bull & Swan – a full English breakfast scotch egg you say? Why sir, how can I say no? From the gooey, dripping yolk to the crispy fried crumb coating these scotch eggs were the stuff of dreams. Other offerings included: pork, apple & stilton; sun dried tomato & goats cheese; and traditional (pah, who want’s a plain and simple traditional scotch egg?) Better yet? These guys are a “bricks and mortar” eatery. So you can be sure to get your fix whenever takes your fancy.


I love to support and promote local, independent businesses. Not only as a small business owner myself, but because when you buy from a small business, you are making a huge difference to that individual business owner and your local economy (as opposed to lining the coffers of the suits).

Anything tickled your tastebuds? Let me know what takes your fancy in the comments below.

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