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Fashion, Family & the Country is a life and style blog founded by myself, Beth Wallace.

What can you expect from Fashion, Family & the Country?

Fashion, Family & the Country is an honest and open blog written with you, the reader, in mind.

Whether you are a mother, like me, living in the countryside or are in your mid-twenties building a career in the big city, I aim to inspire and excite you on frivolous topics as well as ignite debate on more serious ones.

Fashion, Family & the Country covers topics that I believe are relevant to us all.

Not only do I share with you the things that I feel are my bread-and-butter but I hope to delve deeper in to more serious and researched topics too. You can look forward to reading about personal style, beauty routines and haircare, legal and political stories as well as self-sufficiency and cooking for the family.

Ultimately, I want to write on topics that you love to read so please do drop me an email & let me know what you love!

About Me – Beth Wallace

I am a woman, mother, business owner and blogger – in that particular order!

I pride myself in promoting equality of women (in my opinion, the very definition of feminism) as well as raising a happy, healthy little boy. Working on The Cult & Classic, my online discounted designer fashion boutique, is my absolute passion and I love all of the new skills that this has taught me. Finally, blogging and writing about topics that I am truly excited by is my down time. Time away from being Mummy, wife, business owner…time just to be Beth.

I feel extremely lucky to do what I love every single day, and to share that with you.

Truly, thank you for supporting me and the blog, the fact that you spend your valuable time here at Fashion, Family & the Country means so much.

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Love Beth


Fashion, Family & the Country aims to inspire and excite you on frivolous topics as well as ignite debate on more serious ones.