The Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the start of ‘blogmas’. What is this blogmas you ask? For those uninitiated among you, blogmas is an attempt to publish festive blog posts for every day in the lead up to Christmas. The imperative word being ‘attempt’.

I’ve previously not succumbed to this blogmas before, mainly because the idea of forcing myself to post on a daily basis just felt like an unnecessary stress. However, this year I feel that rather than a stress, it will be a welcome break from the day-to-day grind. A chance to unwind. To get excited about the impending holidays. So here we go… Blogmas Day 1 (already 30 minutes overdue):

My round up of the best DIY Christmas gift ideas –

For the foodie

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Lawdy, laaaaawd these look positively muffin top inflating. Doesn’t mean I don’t want one! Instructions here.


Chocolate brownie mix in a jar…simple and unadulterated indulgence. Instructions here.

94e28f9c93c59e3eed7716653466da7f28ebb71aFruit infused vodkas, because Christmas always seems to involve alcohol right? Instructions over on The Kitchn blog here.

For the beauty addict


Be clean, smell fab! What more could your beauty-loving friends want? Instructions over at the Happiness is Homemade blog here.


Looks like a fun one to get tiny hands involved with too. Instructions here.


This positively delectable brown sugar lip scrub is top of my to-do list. Instructions over at the Salt & Ritual blog here.

For the home bunny


Faux agate coasters. Oh so chic and on-trend! Instructions over at DIY Joy here.


Chalkboard cheeseboard…yes please! Instructions at Frankie Hearts Fashion here.


Japanese painted bowls make the perfect dishes for nibbles. Spot on for the entertainer in your life! Instructions at The Lovely Drawer blog here.

For the fashionista


Jewellery clutch DIY – perfect for the fashion-forward chick in your life. Instructions at A Pair and a Spare here.


These lovely neon tassel bracelets would look perfect stacked together. Instructions over at I Spy DIY here.


Sticking with the tassel theme. For the girl that has everything…a tassel keychain or bag charm. Fabulous! Instructions again from I Spy DIY here.

For the kids



These awesome DIY slingshots from The Merrythought blog, instructions here.


Movie night in a box (to hell with it being for the kids, I want one too!). Instructions here.


All children love sweets right? How about a candy sleigh? Instructions here.

For the men in your life


Now I don’t know about you, but my husband loves nothing more than to light a fire and make the family nice and toasty. These are top of my list for him. Instructions over at Something Turquoise here.


I hear you. Most men just would not be interested in a hand-crafted gift. They want gadgets…cologne…socks? Well fear not, I don’t know a single man that doesn’t love beer. Need instructions? Don’t be silly! Grab the pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue gun and get sticking!


52 things you love about him. Struggling after 5? How about using a few photos of the two of you as ‘fillers’? Instructions over at Visual Heart here.

And finally…for your furry friends


As if the pooch isn’t pampered enough. Homemade treats? Go on then! Instructions over here.

Need more ideas? Really? Hop on over to my dedicated Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Drop me a comment below or tweet me @ffc_blog and let me know if you have any gift DIYs lined up.

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