The Weekend Reading List – The Social Media Edit

I’ve been enjoying a little deeper foray into the world of social media and blog promotion. As they say “you can have the best content in the world, but if no-one knows it exists, then it will fall on deaf ears”. What better way to share your content and amplify its reach than by sharing on your social media channels? I’ve collated an edit of some top articles from some of my favourite bloggers to help you optimise your social media strategy:

  1. Media Marmalade’s “How to create Pinterest worthy blog images…”
  2. Chloé Digital’s “Social media platforms with the highest organic reach”
  3. Skinnedcartree’s “How to use Buffer to quickly schedule tweets”
  4. A Girl, Obsessed’s “How to organically grow your blog”
  5. The Elgin Avenue’s “My 5 social media sanity rules”

Which article did you find the most helpful? Drop me a comment below or tweet me at @FFC_blog. Have a fab weekend!

PS perhaps my “Social media campaign analysis” post might be of some help too!

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